About Us:

Publishing a novel is a dream of many, but the road to print seems like an uphill struggle. The choices were traditional publishing, including the rejection letters and stress that comes with it. Vanity presses requiring a ton of money and purchase of hundreds of books, or self-publishing where a novice can make many mistakes that help their work fall between the cracks. No matter what, it’s a tedious process if you go at it alone. It doesn’t have to be! With careful networking and preparation, anyone is capable of releasing a book they can be proud of. Liliom Press takes the guesswork out of the publishing process, enabling writers to become part of an elite family of independent authors.

Who We Are:

Liliom Press is an exclusive publishing consultant, owned and operated by independent authors. We know what you need to succeed because we’ve been there and had the same questions and concerns that you do. We aim to make the process easier for our writers.

What We Do:

Here at Liliom Press, we offer various services that an independent author will need to succeed. In addition to our blog, we also have a network of people that are willing to work with our authors in order to make sure that their writing is the best that it can be. Please see “Services” for more information..

The Liliom Team

Mandi self-published her first book at 16 years old. Since then, she’s learned more about the process and what goes into a perfectly crafted indie book. Her favorites are paranormal romance and erotica, but she’ll read anything at least once. From formatting to editing, publishing and marketing, Mandi has had to do it all for her own books, and now shares her experiences and pitfalls with other Liliom Press authors.

Megan has an eye for detail. She loves little hidden jokes and sweet sentiments that are carried throughout the book. A voracious reader, her book preferences range from nonfiction books about planets to fantasy romance books about ghosts and their corporeal lovers. Sarcastic yet funny, Megan always seems to find the silver lining in any book.

​Valerie is a long time reader and writer, enjoying paranormal romance, mystery, and suspense themes. Starting as a roleplayer, she learned to tweak words and phrases for the best readability. As an editor for Liliom Press, she’s responsible for taking your work and polishing it, correcting spelling and grammar errors, as well as making sure that everything flows nicely and reads well.

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